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No Equity is not a good feeling


Not Desperate?

As long as you are not in a position that forces you to sale your house, then sit on it a while longer and see if the market improves.  Do not let a banker make you nervous.  He can only hurt you, if you let him.


Cannot wait, must act!

If you feel you must sale, or have no choice but to change something, give me a call.

I may or may not can find a readily available solution; but then again, in the past, I have always had at least one option to provide people.

If you need the monthly note off of your budget, normally there are solutions that will facilitate this.  It is a matter of talking to a professional creative thinker,  someone who can think and get outside of the box with a RESOLUTION, not just solutions.

Yes, You guessed it. 
 Call Kenny
Yes, I Buy Houses Too.  Quickly

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