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Foreclosure, Behind on payments?

Worse?  Notice of Auction?

When your behind on payments, often we can find a way to help you avoid the embarrassment that the Banker is bringing you and your family.

Do NOT Delay
Call Kenny Today
Ph: 901-387-8526

When Foreclosure notice comes, that means you have maybe 45 days before you will be out of the house.  After the auction notice is printed, the house will be someone else's in about 3 weeks.

In these cases, you have little time because anything we can try to do will take time too.  If you want to look at ways for me to help you... Then help yourself and call me today! 901-387-8526.

Please, do not wait, I need 2 weeks to get most things done to save your house, or your income /credit
Some of Your Potential Options

Our first step will be to see if you can qualify for a catch up real estate loan, or another solution.

The main thing is to not give up and walk away.  The Bank does not care, but do you want to give them your house?

No credit loans are an option with us!

Yes, we can buy your house

Sometimes the best thing, is to back up and punt.  But letting them foreclose is the worst thing that can happen.  Maybe there is no options, but if there is one left, TAKE it

If you think Bankruptcy might be bad, a foreclosure is worse.  We have ways even if you owe more than it is worth to avoid the worst case scenario... Foreclosure!

We buy houses even if they look like this one!

Did you know?
If a bank forecloses and then sells your house for a loss, they can actually send you and the IRS a 1099 for the amount of money they lost?  If they sold it for $50,000 less than you owed, you could owe Uncle Sam taxes based on an additional $50K of income that you did not even get. This alone can bankrupt you in a year or two, depending on how long the bank takes to make the sell.
Bottom Line:  Never let your house reach the auction block, sell it at break even or something.  If you have a foreclosure on your credit history, forget buying another home for 7 years.
Pride is not a helpful thing right now.  Please push the button for your families sake!
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