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Professional Real Estate Investor Mentoring

Real Estate Investing Resume

Real Estate Investing professionally since 1999.

I have managed both the repairs and selling of REO properties for banks and mortgage lenders.

I have personally done 40+ personal investment properties in my spare time, both residential and commercial properties.

I have owned an apartment complex. (Not my favorite)

I have owned a traditional residential mortgage company

I have owned a private equity partner investment company matching borrowers with private investors.

I have used self directed IRAs, belonging to myself and others to fund 3rd party rehab loans.

I have used both LLCs and Land Trust to acquire and hold properties. 

I have used option contracts to acquire properties.

I write seller financing papers and have sold on the secondary mortgage market.

YES, I have even bought houses for no money down and used the seller's existing mortgage to fund my purchase.

I have borrowed a whole lot of money in my life to fund various projects.  I am finally getting good at deal structuring.

I still own a Realtor firm, because I love to see the real data. In my opinion, Zillow and Trulia do not represent the entire picture of property viability, as a real estate investment; thus I created

I love best of all to help newcomers learn the art of real estate investing.  Not from a single point of view, but being able to see where the dollar is at on each and every property. I have advised, mentored, partnered and JV'ed with people over the years to help them learn the right way and the wrong way to flip, wholesale, buy and hold, and get rid of nightmares.

YES, I have also lost money on deals... but I have made far more on profitable deals.

Real Estate Investing can be profitable, as you see inside my home


I do not use mentoring as a revenue stream for me to make money.  I do not use set fees, nor require you do my grunt work.  If you are interested in learning, call me.  If you are interested in making money with real estate call me, if you are just here for an easy dollar... keep your day job for sure.  There is nothing truly easy in life.

If you can dedicate time, and effort, then I will work with you to be successful.

Email me and explain what you are looking to achieve.
Watch the Training Videos

Pre-Foreclosure Control Training

My method for gaining control of the equity in a property in Foreclosure, but before the bank can get it!!!  

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