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Pre-Foreclosure Investment Program

CRER Pre-Forclosure and JV Program


As a real estate investor, we are always looking for JV opportunities, and maybe you are too.  We have a great program that focuses on the Pre-foreclosure properties, nationwide.  We are partnering with REALTORS from all over the country that will work with us to be the point of contact with distressed homeowners.  So instead of waiting for a Trustee sale /auction at the court house steps, we will gain control of the property and any associated equity before the bank takes possession of the money.

Obviously, not all properties will qualify as we really want to see equity value; however there may be circumstances where saving the property is advantageous to our bottom lines.  Realtors if interested, send me an email, and we will talk with you about being the CRER contact person in your area.

JV investors

Our system is simple, and we are working hard to save as many properties as possible but often our funding sources are not as liquid as the demand dictates.

With JV partners we provide funds for catch up loans, or to simply buy the house.  So private investors can get the creme of the crop, and Realtors can make a great relationship along with a commission.  If you would like to consider making loans available, please fill out the Pre-foreclosure Program form below and we will first send you a non-circumvent agreement, then upon return receipt will send you information on our program and how we protect your loan to the borrower, in spite of their credit... using the property as collateral.

Financial Investors /Lenders

Click here for your no obligation information packet

Click here for information of the part time positions

Just one recent example (2019)

One deal we just completed in TN left us with a property worth $420,000.00 market value, with an equity value of $182,000 with only a $15,653.00 total investment.

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