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Why we Launched this service?

What you see on the internet and all valuation websites are programs that evaluates only on the raw date that it can accessRealtors have no way to input all they know about a given property or even area.  Yet, between their ears is the greatest of biological computers, the human brain, and when trained and given knowledge it still out performs any electronic algorithm

A computer algorithm cannot compete with the trained human brain.

Let's explain further: 

The data that everyone uses is derived from court house records and Realtor databases.

Algorithms can evaluate data based on programmed parameters, but it cannot distinguish between houses and whether or not they are true comparable properties.  This decision requires additional information that cannot be found in a database.  Only someone with first hand knowledge of an area, can make that distinction.



and not just any Realtor, but a seasoned, trained professional with experience and first hand knowledge of the area.

What we Do... is an electronic transaction facilitator connecting and protecting both parties, you and a pre-vetted Realtor within a specific area to give you an opinion of real value, from the same database, training and experience of appraisers.

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Global Cyber community for connecting real estate investors with vendors, contractors, and education.

This is our newest technology solution, and will be fully online by late second quarter 2022.  Visit the website and see if it is something for you to enjoy and use.

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