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REI Global Connect is the one cyber spot in the world where you can find contractors, appraisers, closing attorneys,  title companies, inspectors, realtors, property management, accountants, government agencies, photographers, True MLS deskop broker price opinions, hard money loans, soft money loans, bank loans, commercial real estate loans, fannie products, ground-up construction loans; virtually any service you might need to expand your investing safely out of your home town.  Go to one place and meet those in the area, conveniently located by service provided, then immediately teleport to your next meeting with the next service provider needed.

Meet and Talk with live audio /video communications available.  Opportunities postings by wholesalers and other sources for investment properties.  If you are in an area (like Tennessee) that allows cyber closings, then you will find them here. 

Training and the latest real estate news made available from all areas of the world, come in a see what everyone is doing in their areas, but not just across the country, now across the world. For new people come see how others are making real profits, learn why and how the REI industry has made more millionaires than any other industry.

Work space, so you can work on your deals from one website, and keep files safely within your own area, share information with colleagues, or contractors.

Relaxing activities and live events, globally.. because all work and no play make for a dull life.  Find an escape from the daily routine while you still work your business and earn your profits.

The information and networking tool is created by a 22-year veteran of investing to ease the pain that an investor endures when he ventures out of his backyard to other profitable areas.  Now, you too can be on the early edges of a new market, with confidence that you have a good team on the ground to help you be profitable.

If you are already investing across the country, then a great place to bring your field team.  Have meetings, hire the services you need and make money with confidence as you maintain easy control of all aspects of your business.

Sound good?  For investors  so go ahead and sign up for your account and get ready to make some money!

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