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Part time Positions open Nationwide

CRER Field Representative

CRER is looking for licensed real estate agents in all 50 States that are a member of their local board of Realtors.  We need you to be our representative when meeting and explaining how that our real estate assistance loans work.  We provide the necessary training and it is not difficult, nor time challenging.  No license is required to be our point of contact.  You are not lending them money.

We do the research and identify who we believe we may can benefit, we will make initial contact with the potential customers to determine if they are interested in saving their property. If so, then we contact you to set an appointment to go out and meet our potential customer.  Timing is normally very critical if we are able to keep someone from losing their house to a tax or foreclosure sale.

During your interview with the distressed customer, you will simply ensure that they still want our help, get them to sign authorization forms so we can talk to the mortgage company, the foreclosure trustee or the local taxing authority.  Also, at that time we would like for you to take some pictures or video of the property in question and asking questions regarding the condition of the property.  We may agree to extend extra money to get the house back in good working order, we know sometimes that if you are hurting financially survival takes precedence over properly maintaining a property.

If the preliminary paperwork is completed, before you submit everything back to our office for review and approval, we ask you to also submit a desktop BPO, so we can verify accurately the value of the property.  Yes, we know Zillow and Trulia are in accurate and no computer algorithm can compete against the trained mind of a Realtor who is familiar with his local market.

For your trouble, we will reimburse you $25.00 to cover your expenses for the visit and the desktop BPO. This is not considered income to you.

If we can make an offer to extend them a catch-up loan, we will ask you to return and meet with them to sign documents, ensure they fully understand everything.  If they move forward with one of our "bail out loan" solutions, you will also be compensated an extra $250.00 at the loan closing.

Additionally, if the need arises to evict them (unfortunately it normally does) and resell the property, you will be the contracted listing agent. We pay 6% commission at the closing, just like any other real estate buy sale transaction.  It is simply a “listing” which you invested only a little time to acquire, and no marketing.  We are doing that for you.

IF interested in taking a part time position that can yield you an extra income plus a free listing occasionally... then click here to email me.  I need a good email address, your name, your phone number, which State(s) you are licensed... which board(s) that you are a member of and when is a good time to talk... I will select at least one agent in areas not served by a local board of Realtors, and I need 3-5 agents from each of the 690 national MLS districts.

Research Assistant

CRER is looking for people that can work from home, be self motivated to look for opportunities in your local market for our services which include lending and other real estate related activities. Timing is very critical so we need people that will be actively on top of their research and activities.  You will be compensated based on production, but will require about 20 hours per week and the production compensation is based on about $8.00 per hour but will increase after your 90-day probation period to $15.00 per hour on average.  You need to own a computer or tablet... and have internet access. You also must be computer literate, and be able to convey information with proper grammar.  If interested then email me and I will email you more details and specifics.

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