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CRER Training and Money

It is one thing to hire a coach, but where do you get the money?

CRER is proud to introduce

Real Estate Investor Graduate Program                                                        Real Estate Investor JV Program

We teach, we fund, you learn, you graduate to the JV Program                   You are a proven investor but need the money now

We put up $100,000.00 and walk you through the process                          We put up $500,000 and guide you as you grow

Sharing profits as we teach you how to do the deal                                      Sharing profits and we watch over your shoulder

When will you graduate?  when you have made CRER $50,000                   Following our system, in 8 years you should be a                                                                                                                                 millionaire real estate investor.

People there is a price to pay for education, and we do not just make our money available for just anyone, so please look and decide if this is really something you want to get into.  We are going to have you pay a tuition to cover our cost, should you get in and decide you cannot handle the dedication requirements to become a millionaire real estate investor.

The Graduate Program is a one time $3,500 fee                                         The Investor JV program is a one time $25,000 fee

Obviously, since we cannot control you, and there are variables that will undoubtedly come into play during your instruction, we cannot guarantee any results.  However, the system is designed on a regimented schedule that if followed will put you very close one way or another.  Yes, you can be a millionaire sooner, or later depending on how you perform.

If you are interested, then contact Kenny by email and an application will be emailed to you

We have only allocated

$1,000,000 to fund the Graduate Program and $1,000,000 to the JV Program for 2020.

So that is 10 openings and 2 openings.

If you want to learn, and become a millionaire real estate investor, email me now,
tomorrow may be too late.

Once we have selected the 2020 participants, then it will be at least 2022 before we offer the next courses with funding

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